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Joltik (Jolt) | Level 89 | Female
Starter Pokemon
[Jolt does not want to evolve, BTW.]

Linoone (Arrow) | Level 77 | Male
Highly persistent
Route 1

Rotom (Trick) | Level 74 | ??
Comes with Trick

Shiny Ariados (Bachuu) | Level 69 | Male
Loves Jolt. For real. EGGS EVERYWHERE.

Mawile | Level 67 | Female
Desert Resort

Ninetales (Ingo) | Level 48 | Male
NPC App thing. No, seriously, it's his Ingo. [not gotten until post-au event]

Beedrill (Queen) | Level 11 | Female
Route 2

Pidgey | Level 5 | Female
Route 2

Butterfree | Level 20 | Male
Route 2

Patrat | Level 2 | Male
Route 1

Spearow | Level 4 | Female
Route 1

Abra | Level 9 | Female

Spinarak | Level 11 | Male

Shinx | Level 14 | Male (and classy as fuck)
Route 3

Magikarp | Level 19 | Female
Route 3

Ekans | Level 12 | Male
Route 3

Yamask | Level 26 | Male
Relic Castle

Unown 'E' | Level 25 | ??
Relic Castle

Unown 'I' | Level 25 | ??
Relic Castle

Lileep | Level 36 | Male
Relic Castle

Numel | Level 33 | Female
Relic Castle

Marowak | Level 40 | Male
Relic Castle

Bulbasaur | Level 5 | Male

Chikorita | Level 5 | Male

Treecko | Level 5 | Male

Scyther | Level 1 | Male

Pinser | Level 1 | Male

Venipede | Level 1 | Female

Sewaddle | Level 1 | Male

Combee | Level 1 | Female

Nincada | Level 5 | Female

Golurk (Bot) | Level 43 | ??
Ice Punch

Baltoy (Top) | Level 31 | ??
Stealth Rocks

Elektross | Level 50 | Female
Stolen from the Battle Subway, won't listen to Emmet

Charizard | Level 50 | Male
Same as Elektross

Beldum | Level 34 | ??
Striaton City

Hypno | Level 29 | Male
Striaton City

Kadabra | Level 25 | Female [totes A, Kibi]
Striaton City

Watchog | Level 28 | Male
Striaton City

Basculin [Red-Stripe] | Level 19 | Female
Striaton City

Pikachu | Level 15 | Male
Nimbasa City

Bulbasaur | Level 15 | Male
Nimbasa City

Charmander | Level 15 | Male
Nimbasa City

Squirtle | Level 15 | Male
Nimbasa City

Scrafty (Morgan) | Level 53 | Female
Route 4

ANYTHING. Emmet catches Pokemon he thinks sound strong, from every route. So he'll end up having a lot by the end of this. :p

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Out of Character Information
Name: Kururu
Contact: AIM @ Vinciolol; E-Mail @ firion2j [at] gmail [dot] com
Current Characters: None!

In-Character Information
Name: Emmet
Series: Pokemon AU
Canon-Point: Post-Game by a month.
History: History link over here~!
Personality: Emmet, the one who followed Zekrom as well as the one who battles on the Battle Subway... how do I start? Well, to start... he always smiles. All the time. Some of this is his optimistic look on life, because if you frown you'll have regrets... but another part of it is that he's almost forgotten what it's like to frown. His brother, Ingo (who will come up a lot in this), is the one who frowns, after all. There's no time to re-learn how to be depressed, either! Emmet loves life, always throwing himself into whatever role he's decided to take on this life! There's no time to slow down, there's no time to stop and contemplate what's going on!
...This does mean people think he's odd, but Emmet doesn't seem to notice this. When people look at him odd, though, he tends to either repeat himself, or just continue on as if they understand him. He's not a moron, though - he's always analyzing people, seeing if they're planning bad things, and if those bad things could effect the world for longer then... say, 100 years? Emmet has gotten a bit lazy in his own goals of protecting Unova from bad. That's one of the reasons he didn't help stop Team Plasma, for example. It'd sort itself out, especially with those youth trainers being out there and the sort. That's how most places get saved! Unlike Ingo (who has a negative outlook and refuses to get close to people), Emmet connects with people all the time - he wants to befriend everybody and find out everything about them, find out what would make them love the world as much as he does.
Emmet is the sort of guy who forgives a lot, as well. He'd even forgive those who try to harm him, if it comes to that! But if they try to harm Ingo... now, that's when Emmet gets dangerous. Ingo is his life, basically. Even with everything else speeding by, and even with everything else growing and being amazing, the two twins are the most important things to each other. If Ingo were to be harmed, or if Emmet didn't know where he was, he'd basically start to be less happy. Even if he still smiled, he'd start to become dangerous, doing whatever he could to get his brother back. Yes, even injure other people, both with injuries and with mental scarring. Whatever'll get him back to Ingo. In the roleplay, however, he will have hope that the Ingo from the roleplay universe is his brother. So he won't be acting like this at first.
As for his role on the Battle Subway? Oh, that's no lie. He loves the regulations! He loves Double Battles! In fact, double battles are going to be his primary thing he does in the roleplay, when he does battle. They're the sort of battles he loves, and they're the sort of thing he'll do for fun and profit. He will be upset he can't do the badges like this. Sobbu. ;___;
Anyhow, one last important bit. He is still as connected to ideals as when he was mortal and fighting for what he believed in. He wishes to live in an ideal world, one which makes everybody happy - even if Ingo claims that is impossible. That's his one dream.

Powers: Powers... being connected to Zekrom so closely, Emmet has basically been immortal, unaging... but this has come with a downside, which will hit him when he arrives in this universe, and loses his immortality (because people can't fully die here, see?). Over those years, he lost the ability to feel pain. He used to test Pokemon attacks by seeing how much it seemed to effect his body, and he used to fling himself into dangerous situations, without thinking about what could happen. Yeah... this place is going to be an overload. However, he has picked up some skills which he will keep. Namely, he will still be able to fight well, even if the slightest hit will hurt him a lot more because he will be shocked. He will also keep his ability to talk to Pokemon, even if they most likely won't listen to him as well - they could sense the power of Zekrom coming from him, after all. He'll also be able to lure out rare Pokemon easier, because he knows where to look. So, he'll keep his smarts.
He's also keeping his shark-like teeth. Just because that's awesome.
Starter Pokemon: Joltik. Duh.

Writing Samples
First-Person Sample: Hello? Helloooo?
['sup, network. Have a guy who's just smiling into the camera, a Joltik on his hat.]
I am Emmet, and this is not Unova! It is Unova, but it is not Unova! And that is scary. [If it's so scary... why is Emmet still smiling? Well, why not? Anyway, without any pause, Emmet continued talking.] Veeery scary! But! I am Emmet, and I have to be brave! Until I can see Ingo again! I will have to train for the Battle Subway! I tried to call Ingo, but the number was wrong! All wrong! It was not my brother, it was a pizza place! I am Emmet, and I am not happy at that. [...The slightest of pauses.] Does anybody want to share a pizza with me?
[...Still smiling. Anyhow, Emmet then just hangs up, his message finished. He's got to find Pokemon for his team... he's got to find more oppotunities to find good Pokemon for breeding, for double battles. Perhaps he'll learn new strategies from this world, too? Who knows.]
Third-Person Sample: It'd been a rough couple of weeks for Emmet. Being told he wasn't at home... being told he wasn't allowed to just walk on though the Battle Subway to meet with his brother... it was very trying, to say the very least. But... hey. Life wasn't always bad, was it? No, it wasn't. Soon, there would be an upside, Emmet thought. After all - he'd been gifted the sweetest little Joltik buddy to come along with him on this journey. And he had a life to live - maybe one which would be fun!

And he had finally arrived at one of his destinations, one of the places he felt connected to right now. As the train slowed to a stop, Emmet stood proud at the doors. A few of the other trainers looked at him with looks of slight familiarity - after all, without his trademark hat and coat on, they didn't know who he was - as he left the train, to the city where he lived in his version of Unova.

Anville Town. The town where tradition and trains met - a perfect home. With his smile not leaving his face, he slowly stepped forward, towards the seats. He needed to prepare himself to look over it. Most likely, he still couldn't meet with his brother here. Most likely, he would have to re-train up his Joltik buddy, and catch more... and take a friend to the Multi Train Challenge. Maybe that'd be fun, too! With a bigger smile then normal, Emmet flopped onto the seat near the train, lost in thought. Which is a perfect time to bother him, amirite?
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↓(WIP, will be edited and the like for a while yet)↓

Our story begins in a time before Unova. No, seriously. Just bare with me. Two brothers were born, twins. A few hours apart, they did see each other as older and younger. Because Japan.
Anyway, the two were travellers, and found the land now known as Unova - deciding to found a country there, and they used the power of their legendary Dragon to help. But the two got into a fight, over what the land should stand for. The older one sided with truth and justice, while the younger one sided with ideals. As the legends say, they couldn't beat each other, because the dragons were evenly matched. So they left the land, because no side was right.
Their sons, however, continued the fight - with the dragons. The lands were destroyed, and the original twins vanished with the dragons.

Nobody knows what happened to them. Except for them themselves. They left Unova, with the shells of their dragons - the shiny varients, as the grown world called them. They explored the lands, and noticed they weren't aging - they were just another part of the world now, along with their dragons. The younger one kept on exploring with excitment over everything he saw, while the older one started to grow grumpy and started to dislike how the world evolved. But either way, they continued to watch as many thing happened - and managed to witness a lot of it. They saw the construction of the two towers in Ecruteak City, and saw the burning of the Brass Tower. They befriended the first Spiritomb, and watched as many villians started to rise but were stopped by young children. They eventually returned to Unova - keeping their dragons hidden in their Pokeballs, of course.

So, what did these two heroes do when they returned home?
Well, after exploring and visiting a lot of people, and finding all the new species, they decided to found a place for battles. It took a while to explore around and check on every trainer, after all - so why not just have them come to them? After all, they'd gotten a reputation as strong trainers.

And that's the story of how the Battle Subway got its start. Using money gotten from many different adventures, the two immortal heroes started it, and it attracted the best of the best. With Zekrom and Reshiram helping to run the trains, it was pretty cool.

During the time of Team Plasma, why didn't the brothers help? Because they'd seen this a lot. And they were right - a young trainer, Black, was there to defeat the team and restore peace... as well as bringing in new heroes. Perhaps if they'd lost, the two brothers might have stepped in to save Unova, but they didn't need to.

To this day, they remain on the Subway, hoping that it lures Black in, so they can meet the new hero of Zekrom.


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